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By Dominique Elshout 14 April 2011

Ask bookseller and storyteller Chiel Lijdsman a question and he’ll fire away. As he puts it: “My shoes have been in Kigali since 1987. In Mozambique I was shelled out of the country. I cleared off to Rwanda, only to find that the preparations for the genocide had just started.” (more…)


37 men accused of a spate of attacks across Rwanda are alleged FDLR agents (more…)

By Deroy Murdock–February 17, 2011

Kigali, Rwanda — Rwanda is like a black Switzerland. Its nickname is “The Land of a Thousand Hills.” This is a gross understatement. Beyond the runway at the airport here in the nation’s capital, one struggles to stay on flat ground for long. In every imaginable direction, hills roll, small mountains dwarf tea plantations, and dramatic, volcanic peaks vanish into the clouds. Curvaceous bends on narrow byways penetrate lush valleys and craggy canyons. On twisted roads, a modest miscalculation could trigger a treacherous and likely fatal tumble into oblivion. (more…)

Telegraph FRIDAY, 08 AUGUST 2008

European leaders are ignoring French involvement in the Rwandan genocide 14 years ago, the country’s foreign minister has told The Telegraph.

By Andrew Porter, Political Editor, in Kigali (more…)

JURIST Guest Columnist Charles Jalloh of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law responds to Peter Erlinder’s article Rwanda: Flawed Elections and the Politics of ‘Genocide Denial’, saying that certain of Erlinder’s criticisms of the ICTR are political or unfounded… (more…)

By Thomas G. Weiss

For weeks, diplomats and military advisers fumbled in Western capitals and at the United Nation’s Security Council in New York to respond to East Africa’s agony. (more…)

By Michael Montgomery and Stephen Smith
Much of what the world remembers about the Rwandan genocide are grim tales of betrayal, of neighbors killing neighbors and the slaughter of innocents. But there are other stories of people who resisted the urge to kill and who risked their lives to save the lives of others. (more…)