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FRANCE-RWANDA: Gé No Cède pas!

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Comme dans la majorité des demandes d’extradition vers le Rwanda jusqu’ici refusées, est invoquée l’antériorité des crimes commis sur les lois permettant de juger des faits de génocide. (more…)

For Carl Wilkens, genocide is a word that carries different types of significance. (more…)

By Trevor Wilhelm, THE WINDSOR STAR

Post-traumatic stress, suicide attempts and alcohol abuse — even Canada’s most famous soldier was not immune. (more…)

By Janet McAllister

The thought of a play about the Rwandan genocide may make you uneasy, but don’t let it put you off this excellent, sensitive, unusual production. (more…)

By Hannah Spyksma

A tale of African tragedy is all too real for actress Wanjiku Kiarie Sanderson. (more…)

At four years old, Yannick Tona saw people being hacked to death with machetes, women raped in the streets, and was hunted by people trying to kill him. (more…)

By Mona Al-Bashir

El Obeid: Murawah: African states reception of Al Bashir based on international laws regulating relations between states in accordance with the Vienna Treaty and not the Rome Convention. (more…)