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The petition to block the transfer of documents incriminating Victoire Ingabire was yesterday dismissed by a Dutch court ending a long standing tug-of-war between the prosecution and Ingabire’s husband, Lin Muyizere. (more…)

By Saskia Houttuin The Netherlands has been granted permission to send documents of the imprisoned Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabire to Rwanda for the purpose of her trial in Kigali. (more…)

By Mona Al-Bashir

El Obeid: Murawah: African states reception of Al Bashir based on international laws regulating relations between states in accordance with the Vienna Treaty and not the Rome Convention. (more…)

Frank Kanyesigye–10 April 2011

Kigali — Thousands of Rwandan youth joined by their colleagues from the region yesterday participated in the ‘Walk to Remember,’ a march organised to pay tribute to the over a million Tutsi who were killed in the 1994 Genocide. (more…)

JURIST Guest Columnist Charles Jalloh of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law responds to Peter Erlinder’s article Rwanda: Flawed Elections and the Politics of ‘Genocide Denial’, saying that certain of Erlinder’s criticisms of the ICTR are political or unfounded… (more…)

Billets d’Afrique N° 172, September 9, 2008

Beyond simplistic political interpretations or a so-called orchestration of complicity, the contents of the Rwandan report on French implication in the genocide of 1994 require France to open a broad national debate. (more…)

By Ward Churchill-Other Voices, v.2, n.1 (February 2000)

Where scholars deny genocide, [they] contribute to the deadly psychohistorical dynamic in which unopposed genocide begets new genocides.—Roger W. Smith, Eric Markusen and Robert Jay Lifton, “Professional Ethics and Denial of the Armenian Genocide” (1995) (more…)