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By Sue Horton

The 1994 genocide is never far from anyone’s mind in Rwanda. But for some Rwandans it’s a constant horror. (more…)

By: Randy Turner 

The former soldier is pacing in circles in a small office in the bowels of a nondescript, tan brick building at 17 Wing. (more…)

La page sombre de l’histoire de François Mitterrand, très tardivement ouverte, a été vite refermée par des admirateurs de l’ancien président : ils ont pris à bras le corps le sujet pour mieux enterrer la polémique. (more…)

By Tom Godfrey

TORONTO – Genocide survivors in the Toronto-area are outraged and protesting humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina, an inspiration behind the hit movie Hotel Rwanda, who is receiving a top U.S. award for human rights. (more…)

By Greg Marinovich

Last night I attended a talk by Dr Charles Mironko at Johannesburg’s Vega college. Moronko is a Rwandan anthropologist who specializes in genocide. (more…)

The USC Shoah Foundation Institute is expanding its visual history archive to include video recordings of testimonies about genocides other than the Holocaust, starting with a collection of 50 testimonies by survivors of the 1994 genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda. (more…)

By Mike Cohen

MONTREAL – More than 100 school teachers from across Quebec – most of whom are not Jewish – took part in an a day-long professional development conference here presented by the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre. (more…)