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By Sunny Ntayombya–13 April 2011

Today, as the mourning period ends with a ceremony at the Rebero Genocide Memorial, I have to ask; “What have we, as a society, taken from this sad period; what are the lessons that our history taught us; and most of all, why do we remember the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi”? (more…)

By The Ovi Team 2009-12-27

When Rwanda’s president was killed in a plane crash the country was plunged into a blood bath and genocide. The Hutu majority slaughtered the Tutsis and a half a million people lay dead. A missionary exclaimed, “There are no devils left in hell. They are all in Rwanda.”


It is no accident that sexual atrocity has found a central place in genocide. Rape not only destroys individuals, but it can be used as a powerful and efficient means to destroy groups as well. The destructive effects of rape on women may be harnessed for the destruction of the women’s racial, ethnic or religious group. (more…)