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Rwanda (MNN) ― Rwanda, known as the “Land of 1000 Hills,” is also the land of 1000 storylines today.

The national commemoration week for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi ended yesterday, April 13, at the Rebero Genocide memorial site. (more…)

By Laura Heaton on Apr 12, 2011

KIGALI, Rwanda — Under the glaring lights of the Amahoro ‘Peace’ Stadium, Emmanuel* hummed along with the genocide song.

“You know this one?” I asked. “Not really. We heard it already this morning, remember?” he replied. “It’s a good one, good message. I think it will be famous and we will hear it again next year,” he said. (more…)


By Caroline Thomas

A few feet away from me stands Tharcisse Muvunyi, former commander of the Rwandan military school Ecole des Sous Officiers (ESO). A tall, powerful-looking man, he seems younger than his 53 years, and has an air of authority and confidence in his grey pinstripe suit and red patterned tie. (more…)

CNN April 06, 2004

Western powers bear “criminal responsibility” for Rwanda’s 1994 genocide because they did not attempt to stop it, the commander of the U.N. peacekeeping force in the country at the time has said. (more…)

By Jina Moore

Fifteen years after Rwandan Hutu massacred hundreds of thousands of their Tutsi countrymen, one survivor and the man who cut off her hand tell the horrible truth about the genocide and explain how, even with so much suffering between them, they eventually made peace. (more…)