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Op-ed by Stephen Kinzer–Boston Globe April 1, 2011

ONE OF THE most effective arguments in favor of American intervention in Libya is that it is necessary to prevent “another Rwanda.’’ But the situation in Libya has nothing in common with what happened in Rwanda. Repeat: nothing in common. (more…)

By Pan Butamire–Friday, March 11, 2011

SavvyKenya, a Kenyan blogger, was here and got a glimpse of today’s Rwanda. On getting the news that President Kagame would be passing through the northern town of Musanze later in the day, the blogger decided to tweet an invitation to the president: “[I]f you’ll be passing through Musanze town this afternoon, the tennis kids will be waving at you and they have a t-shirt for you.” (more…)

JURIST Guest Columnist Charles Jalloh of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law responds to Peter Erlinder’s article Rwanda: Flawed Elections and the Politics of ‘Genocide Denial’, saying that certain of Erlinder’s criticisms of the ICTR are political or unfounded… (more…)