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By Ward Churchill-Other Voices, v.2, n.1 (February 2000)

Where scholars deny genocide, [they] contribute to the deadly psychohistorical dynamic in which unopposed genocide begets new genocides.—Roger W. Smith, Eric Markusen and Robert Jay Lifton, “Professional Ethics and Denial of the Armenian Genocide” (1995) (more…)

Written by Al McKay on September 28, 2010

“Thou shalt not be a victim.
Thou shalt not be a perpetrator.
Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander”
¬Yehuda Bauer (more…)

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), July 20, 1995


The repatriation of about two million Rwandan Hutu refugees from countries neighboring Rwanda has come to a virtual standstill. (more…)

By Medecin Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders

November 10, 1994


The situation in the camps for Rwandese refugees in Tanzania and Zaire cannot be sustained. Humanitarian relief organizations may well be forced to halt their humanitarian relief activities. The security situation in the camps is deteriorating. Refugees do not enjoy adequate protection and live in fear for their lives with killings and disappearances becoming regular events. Refugees are being threatened and killed for wishing to return to Rwanda by the militia. (more…)