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Ten years ago, the world’s governments stood by and watched as an estimated 800,000 people in Rwanda were massacred in the space of a hundred days.

International Herald Tribune Op-Ed by David Bryer April 14, 2004 (more…)

By Rose Gasibirege for ISN Insights 19 September 2008

In the last amendment of the May 2008 Rwandan Constitution, the correct designation of the 1994 tragedy of Rwanda is now called the “Tutsi’s Genocide.” This was done to confirm the historical truth for those who would deny the genocide, one of the worst crimes against humanity. (more…)

By Alison Des Forges
In the ten years since the Rwandan genocide leaders of national governments
and international institutions have acknowledged the shame of having failed
to stop the slaughter of the Tutsi population. (more…)