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By JEAN-PAUL KIMONYO, Wednesday, October 13 2010

Conceding that the genocide accusations against the Rwandan army are no longer tenable after the publication of the final UN mapping report on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda’s comments, human rights organisations that had supported the double genocide thesis have ceased to refer to the alleged crimes in their latest reactions. (more…)

By Dr. Jean-Paul KIMONYO

Juge Bruguière ordinance to the Paris public prosecutor’s office for the purpose of issuing international warrants for arrest of nine Rwandese army leaders for their alleged involvement in the attack against President Habyarimana’s plane is based on three types of evidences: 1) contextual elements; 2) a testimonial evidence; and 3) the recalling of a tangible evidence, i.e. two missile launcher tubes. (more…)