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By Catherine MeidellFebruary 11, 2011

After the tragic Rwanda genocide of 1994, many aspects of Rwandan society changed, including women’s power in government, said Jean Dominique Gumirakiza, an applied economics graduate student. (more…)

By Report by Robert Block Sunday, 31 July 1994

THE slaughter in Rwanda may have been an expression of the bestiality of man, but what is happening in the refugee camps in Zaire today is surely the wrath of God. Epidemics of biblical proportions sweep the land. Water is poison. (more…)


“I think the French need to come clean on their involvement in the Genocide. France like others needs to respect other people. In Africa and in Rwanda we are not there because they wish us to be there. We are there because we have the right to be there,” President Paul Kagame, recently in an interview with the Financial Times. (more…)