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Na: Ndahiro Tom

Igihugu cy’Ubuholandi giherutse kwoherereza ubucamanza bw’u Rwanda inyandiko zizakoreshwa n’ubushinjacyaha nk’ibimenyetso mu rubanza rw’Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza (IVU) areganwa na bagenzi be. (more…)

The petition to block the transfer of documents incriminating Victoire Ingabire was yesterday dismissed by a Dutch court ending a long standing tug-of-war between the prosecution and Ingabire’s husband, Lin Muyizere. (more…)

By: Andrew Anthony The Observer, Sunday 25 April 2010

Linda Polman believes the business of international aid – from Ethiopia to Rwanda to Afghanistan – is only helping gangsters and fighters, while innocent victims suffer on. (more…)

By Tom Ndahiro

On April 8, 2004, as part of the 10th commemoration of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, the President of the International Crisis Group (ICG) Gareth Evans and Stephen Ellis, ICG’s Africa Program Director published an article with a title:  ‘The Rwandan Genocide: Memory Is Not Enough’[1] The article reminds: “Each time such an atrocity happens, we look back wondering, with varying degrees of incomprehension, horror, anger and shame, how we could have let it all happen. And then we let it happen all over again.” The two authors maintain that something more than memory is required if another cataclysmic genocide was not to happen, sooner or later somewhere in world. They recommend “effective action” and also reiterated “the need for vigilance is nowhere greater than in Africa, where a genocidal ideology is far from dead, particularly in Central Africa.” (more…)

By: Tom Ndahiro


Between April and July 1994, the world tried to ignore the annihilation of Tutsi in Rwanda. Today, it is impossible for anyone to forget the genocide. In particular, for survivors – those I call “living victims” – the genocide is a daily reality: it stole their friends and relatives, their plans and aspirations, and continues to haunt them. Raphael Lemkin argued that genocide is coordinated plans to destroy the essential foundations of the life of a group so that it withers and dies like a plant that has suffered blight. Genocide is a crime against all of humankind; against all notions of human civilisation. But it is also a deeply personal crime committed against individuals who re-live the memories of the genocide like a vicious, recurring nightmare. Survivors remain victims of the perpetrators, many of whose ongoing preoccupation is to alter or erase the world’s memory of the genocide. (more…)

Victoire Ingabire is the President of RASSEMBLEMENT REPUBLICAIN POUR LA DEMOCRATIE AU RWANDA (RDR)  initially  was called the Return and Democracy in Rwanda. In March 1996 the RDR Cameroun branch made up of ideologues and planners of genocide, accused the United Nations Special Rapporteur of not being conversant with the social, political and historic realities of Rwanda, and of compiling his report on the basis of information furnished by persons who were implicated in the conflict. Otherwise, so they say, “he would have noted that those massacres had always stemmed from extremism, arrogance and murderous provocation by certain members of the Tutsi population”. For more click here: RDR Cameroun .