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Rwandan case has created awareness that the international community is watching and will not condone leaders who perfect impunity

NAIROBI (Xihua) — Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Kenya George William Kayonga on Tuesday called on the rest of the world to learn from the Rwandan experience and avoid situations that could lead to acts of genocide or crimes against humanity. (more…)

On April 6, 1994, all hell broke loose in RWANDA, signaling the commencement of the pre-planned genocide of the Tutsi. That same September, 1994, with the help of the French Catholic Church, 37 year old “Father” Wencheslas Munyeshyaka escaped from Rwanda, having desecrated Sainte-Famille parish in Kigali where he would invite his parishioners to meet their death, under his supervision. (more…)

“Are all humans human or are some humans more human than others?” General Dallaire began his speech by posing this provocative, haunting question. (more…)