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By Gerald Caplan

In this book review, Gerald Caplan takes a critical look at ‘Remaking Rwanda: State Building and Human Rights after Mass Violence’, edited by Scott Straus and Lars Waldorf and published by University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, 2011. (more…)

By Adam Jones

July 15, 2010 — Edward Herman and David Peterson’s response to Gerald Caplan’s review of their book, ‘The Politics of Genocide’ (8 July), merits a lengthy riposte. I will limit myself to a few comments, pending a closer engagement to follow. (more…)

By Gerald Caplan
April 8 2009

Kigali — April 2009 marks the 15th anniversary of the genocide in
Rwanda of most of its Tutsi population and of many Hutu who refused
to embrace violent extremism. (more…)

By Tom Ndahiro

The moment the mass murder of 1994 ended, the killers, switched tactics to killing the truth of what they had done and plotting their return to power.  It is important to keep this in mind when assessing critiques of democracy and governance in Rwanda today.

Genuine critics are important to the proper running of the country but there are others who utilise critique as a strategy to bring the genocidal program of Hutu Power back to legitimacy.  They assume the dress of democrats, hiding their blades and their murderous intentions.  Theirs is a strategy that was fashioned soon after the genocide. (more…)