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By Jean-Pierre Chrétien

Among the testimonials of participants in the Rwanda genocide gathered by journalist Jean Hatzfeld is this passage: Killing is very discouraging if you must decide to do so yourself … (more…)

The Atlantic Monthly | September 2001
by Samantha Power

The author’s exclusive interviews with scores of the participants in the decision-making, together with her analysis of newly declassified documents, yield a chilling narrative of self-serving caution and flaccid will—and countless missed opportunities to mitigate a colossal crime. (more…)


Thursday 11 January 2007

If France ever doubted that the new Rwanda was a lost cause then the news that the tiny African state had established a cricket board was final confirmation that it had gone over to the other side. (more…)

By Shua Garfield
In the months preceding the March 2003 US-British-Australian invasion of Iraq, the French government’s opposition received a great deal of publicity. This led to illusions among some anti-war activists that the French rulers represented a progressive alternative to the “Anglo-Saxon” imperialists. (more…)

By: Ndahiro Tom January 2002

One of the many foreign journalists who were in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide concluded that there were no more devils in hell because they were all in Rwanda. (more…)

Interview with S. Courtoux in La Libre (…) with Gérald Papy, 7 August 2008

Verbatim translation from La Libre Belgique

For Sharon Courtoux of the association Survie, France cannot escape its responsibilities any more. She insists on the seriousness of the Mucyo report published in Kigali. (more…)

Billets d’Afrique N° 172, September 9, 2008

Beyond simplistic political interpretations or a so-called orchestration of complicity, the contents of the Rwandan report on French implication in the genocide of 1994 require France to open a broad national debate. (more…)