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By Gerald Caplan
April 8 2009

Kigali — April 2009 marks the 15th anniversary of the genocide in
Rwanda of most of its Tutsi population and of many Hutu who refused
to embrace violent extremism. (more…)

by Israel W. Charny


Denials of known genocides are not only the work of bigots, such as antisemites and neo-nazis who deny the Holocaust or Turkish ideologues who deny the history of the Armenian Genocide, but are voiced by many people in all walks of life, and even by bona fide respectable academicians. It is important to understand the motivations and thinking and mind formulations through which such denials are constructed and promoted. The present paper focuses on a concept of ‘innocent denial’ where the denier really may not be consciously entirely aware of the facts and not necessarily aware of their personal interests in choosing to join with deniers of a known genocide. (more…)