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By Imre Szeman.

Published in Other Voices, v.2, n.1 (February 2000)

In the aftermath of the one hundred days of terror inflicted by the roving bands of Hutus known as the interahamwe—”those who attack together”—the small green country of Rwanda is left strewn with bodies. Even the churches throughout the country where Tutsis had sought refuge have become little more than open graves: the bodies of men, women and children lying where they were felled by the machete blows of their neighbors. The viciousness of the killings is as hard to comprehend as its scale. Tutsis were not just killed, but raped, maimed, tortured, crippled and disfigured; in some cases, when the interahamwe grew tired, they cut the Achilles tendons of those Tutsis they had yet to murder, giving them time to rest, eat and celebrate before resuming their bloody work. (more…)