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By Vexnews

Naive Greens party WA Senator Ludlam has stumbled into an embarrassing international row involving Rwanda and appears to have taken in by a scammer who is the self-styled leader of the unregistered “Rwandan Greens” party. (more…)

The leaked report accuses Rwanda’s leadership of mass murdering Hutu refugees in Congo. Once seen as heroes for ending the 1994 genocide – they’re now billed as villains. But oversimplified claims don’t serve justice, and may have dangerous consequences for regional progress. (more…)

By Chaim Kaufmann

The moral poverty of foreign policy is, along with war itself, one of the most enduring and intractable problems in international relations. In recent years, the conventional wisdom on international moral action has been that it requires a cosmopolitan consensus, a shared understanding of the dignity and equal worth of every human being. (more…)

By Frontline

Air Date: January 26, 1999

Produced by Mike Robinson, Ben Loeterman

Steve Bradshaw, Reporter

Written by Steve Bradshaw, Ben Loeterman

NARRATOR: In March 1998, as the Monica Lewinsky scandal was consuming his presidency, Bill Clinton escaped to Africa, to make his long-planned tour of the continent. (more…)