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By Tom Ndahiro

Sometimes songs of praise go to false characters. Because of the movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’ Paul Rusesabagina was made a Hollywood star and a conqueror of hearts. He has won several awards as an unequaled ‘Humanitarian’ as he describes himself. (more…)

By Violet K Dixon[1]

“The genocide was a collective act. What made it possible, what made that final political crime possible was the absence, the erasure of seeing the other, of knowing, of feeling, of being with the other. And when that’s removed, then politics can become genocidal.” –James Orbinski on Rwanda (more…)

Posted: 28 December 2010

Brother of murdered British woman to mount 24-hour “Twitter-a-thon”

Ten years after the killing of 21 people – including British woman Charlotte Wilson – travelling on the Titanic Express bus in Burundi, Amnesty International and the Wilson family are today urging the Burundian government to provide justice for the families of those killed in the country’s civil war. (more…)

By Kurt Mills


A simmering humanitarian and security crisis in Eastern Zaire came to a head in late 1996 when a civil war broke out and hundreds of thousands of refugees returned to Rwanda. Many different actors were involved in the complex situation in this unstable part of Africa, including governments—both local and international—rebel groups, genocidaires, the UN, and NGOs. The focus of this chapter is to examine the role of one key actor—the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. (more…)