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By Sue Horton

The 1994 genocide is never far from anyone’s mind in Rwanda. But for some Rwandans it’s a constant horror. (more…)

By: Randy Turner 

The former soldier is pacing in circles in a small office in the bowels of a nondescript, tan brick building at 17 Wing. (more…)

La pédophilie jadis, hier, aujourd’hui : les droits de l’enfant

Ne pas oublier les innombrables prêtres irréprochables ! (more…)

La page sombre de l’histoire de François Mitterrand, très tardivement ouverte, a été vite refermée par des admirateurs de l’ancien président : ils ont pris à bras le corps le sujet pour mieux enterrer la polémique. (more…)

GLENDALE—The Armenian National Committee – Western Region announced that documentary filmmaker Carla Garapedian will serve as a panelist in “Lights, Camera, Activate,” which will cover the ways in which film, music and the arts can be used to promote grassroots activism. (more…)


Hugh Roberts’ new article in the London Review of Books is the best story I have yet read about the war of regime change in Libya. It is meticulously detailed, rich in context — historical, cultural, political — carefully measured and soberly expressed. (more…)

By Elizabeth Lee

Four staff members from the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center in Rwanda recently traveled to Los Angeles to learn techniques on how to best preserve the oral history of what happened in Rwanda 17 years ago. (more…)