Dutch Court Approves Transfer of Victoire Ingabire Evidence

Posted: November 6, 2011 in News
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The petition to block the transfer of documents incriminating Victoire Ingabire was yesterday dismissed by a Dutch court ending a long standing tug-of-war between the prosecution and Ingabire’s husband, Lin Muyizere.

Prosecution alleges that the evidence includes several documents discovered during a search of Ingabire’s residence in Holland that contain proof of her subversive activities, telephone records that indicate her past communication with militia commanders, as well as testimonies of people in The Netherlands who worked alongside the accused.

According to a note verbale sent by the Dutch Embassy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs seen by The New Times, the court in The Hague found the objections not admissible.

“Today, the court in The Hague has passed judgment in the case of Muyizere against the State of The Netherlands on the issue of sending the evidence collected in The Netherlands to Rwanda. The judge ruled that the objections of Muyizere were not admissible,” yesterday’s note reads in part.

“This means that all legal obstacles for sending the said evidence to Rwanda have been cleared. The embassy will keep you informed about the progress with regard to further steps that are required before the actual dispatch of the material to Rwanda”.

Prosecutors had earlier accused Ingabire of attempting to sabotage the transfer process, warning that it could delay her case as the court would not go ahead without the evidence.

Ingabire and her four co-accused are currently on trial on charges of; forming an armed group, terrorism, complicity to commit terrorism, and genocide ideology, among others.

The issue of the evidence in question was first raised on September 5, when prosecution requested the court to adjourn the hearing, pending the transfer of the documents.

Prosecution spokesperson Alain Mukurarinda, told The New Times that the legal procedures were now over but are awaiting political procedures before the transfer of the documents.

“We are not very sure when the transfer will mature, but what remains is the political operandi which we think will not take too long,” said Mukurarinda.

Alice Rulisa, the presiding judge in the case that has been going on for th last two months, had earlier ruled that the case would have to adjourn pending the transfer of the evidence.

Ingabire’s co-accused, all former senior members of the DRC-based FDLR militia – linked to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi – are among those who testified against her, insisting she directly worked with them when they were still members of the terrorist group prior to their arrest.

Source: Dutch Court Approves Transfer of Victoire Ingabire Evidence

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