Enough with the lies of Genocide deniers through the BBC

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The BBC’s Kinyarwanda radio program Imvo n’Imvano has be come truly notorious with its incessant stoking – every Saturday – of conspiracy theories surrounding the death of former president Juvenal Habyarimana and its effect as supposed trigger of the Genocide.

Truly, the conspiracy theories, taken up and peddled as gospel truth by every genocide denier in a few circles of academia in some Euro pean countries and the U.S. are becoming absurd, even tinged with racism (when a fellow like Peter Erlinder for example accuses President Kagame of ordering the shooting down of Habyarimana’s Falcon Mystère, thus with utter cold-blooded disregard engineering the genocide of his (Kagame’s) own Tutsi people, what is Erlinder doing other than also implying the one he is accusing has some less than hu man impulses?)

Anyway, enough with the conspiracy theories gleefully stoked by the likes of Imvo n’Imvano’s Ally Yusuf Mugenzi. These lies will be re peated for a long time to come.

The BBC better examine whether it is alright for it to become a vessel for various Rwandan genocide deniers and apologists of the defeated genocidal regime.

These people have a political agenda obviously, but does the BBC want to be complicit in some nefarious scheme by frustrated profiteers of a bankrupt ideol ogy? It is up to that esteemed organisation to decide.

If anyone from the BBC happens to read this editorial, they may be inclined to dismiss it as the inconsequential writings of a publication very few outside Rwanda know, and that since they (BBC) are a big, world-renowned organization, they will take no advice from the likes of The Rwanda Focus.

But we know our history better, much better than any outsider ever will, and we are telling you, your institution is truly becoming a vessel for dangerous liars to spread their poison.

For anyone to be harping away that the single incident of Habyarimana’s death (doesn’t even matter who killed him) caused the geno cide is mendacious in the extreme.

It is an utter lie that needs to be put to rest for ever; it is a lie that ought to be confined to fringe websites rather than to keep hearing it on the respected BBC or other reputable media.

Habyarimana’s dying only accelerated the campaign of mass murder many in his regime had put in place. It was not the RPF or Kagame who, beginning in 1990, were drawing up lists of Tutsis, house by house, to be killed.

It was not Kagame who was carrying out meetings publicly to incite genocide, which is what the Karamiras and Rutagandas and Leon Mugeseras and other extremists were doing, daily and in full public view. It was not Kagame who said publicly that he was going “to prepare the apocalypse”. That was Theoneste Bagosora.

The lies of those who, for political or other opportunistic purposes, want to pin the genocide on the leadership of the RPF will never gain traction with any thinking person.

These lies cannot gloss over the fact of the pogroms and ethnic cleansings of 1959 (when Kagame was a toddler), and of the campaigns of mass murder of the 60s, through to the early 70s.

Those blood-soaked events took place long before the RPF ever came into existence. And the people who caused or carried them out are the same ones who caused and carried out the 94 Genocide.

Enough with the lies spewed by the BBC.

Source: http://focus.rw/wp/2011/10/enough-with-the-lies-of-genocide-deniers/

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