Liar and genocide denier Rusesabagina allege genocide began in his house

Posted: October 23, 2011 in News, Uncategorized
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By Willis Shalita

Speaking in Boston, at the ARMENIAN HERITAGE FOUNDATION October 20, 2011 in remembrance of the 1915 Armenian genocide–Rusesabagina was in his usual mode: posing, re-making and distorting history and making wild allegations without evidence to prove anything.

He looked smart and well-fed.

But, why not?!

He has made a fortune from speaking engagements across these United States, paid handsomely for denying the genocide against the Tutsi.

In his one hour speech, the man did not use the word GENOCIDE, not once. Zilch. 1994 was “a civil war.”

And when you have heard it all, Rusesabagina surprises you. He said, “What happened in 1994 all started in my house.”

Really?! The man is a legend in his own mind.

As is always the case, Rusesabagina’s speeches are to audiences with little or no knowledge at all about the Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi.

So he takes license to distort, embellish and make up things without any challenge from his audience.

For instance he gives credit to a genocidaire, General Augustin Bizimungu for saving the people that were at the Hotel Mille Collines.

Yes, Bizimungu, the man serving a life sentence for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Not once in his speech did Rusesabagina explain how people ended up at the hotel.

Not once did he touch on how much he charged people to stay, or how many people he turned away.

All that blood money he is now enjoying.

Seventeen years later, Rusesabagina’s story is getting old, and people are finally catching up with him, realizing he is really not the man he claims to be.

Thanks to the Chairman of the event, James Kalustian, who reminded Rusesabagina that the Armenian people are not about to be accomplices to denying the genocide against the Tutsi.

You should have seen the expression on Rusesabagina’s face. Flabbergasted!

Truth goes through fire, and it never burns.

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