Citizens in Korea Commemorate 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsis

Posted: April 19, 2011 in News
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Edmund Kagire–18 April 2011

Members of the Rwandan Diaspora in the Republic of Korea, on April 17, commemorated the 1994 genocide perpetrated against the Tutsis, in the capital Seoul.

The Rwandan Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Eugenie Kayihura, told Rwandans in the Diaspora that remembering what happened in 1994 should be the reason they should put more energy in what they do to make Rwanda better and shame those who planned and executed the genocide.

The Ambassador encouraged the Rwandan Diaspora in Korea to always uphold the country’s image and be its ambassadors wherever they may be, with dignity.

Kayihura noted that the security of Rwanda and its people was guaranteed; urging the Diaspora to ignore inaccurate rumours that the country is insecure.

“The rumours about Rwanda which are being spread, particularly on the internet, are mainly generated by people who are trying to hide their past.”

“Because there is security, Rwanda is able to send peace keeping contingencies to countries where such assistance is requested, such as Darfur and Haiti,” Kayihura told the gathering.

The Ambassador told those in attendance to be proud of what the country has achieved, highlighting the progress in various sectors.

A member of the Diaspora gave a moving testimony about how he survived the Genocide and how he witnessed his family getting killed.

In his testimony, he recalled that his father had been barred from joining secondary school even though he had qualified because of his ethnicity and was happy that today, every Rwandan has access to education.

Charles Kayitana a member of Diaspora in Korea discussed the history of Rwanda, emphasizing that the 1994 Genocide was but a culmination of pogroms against the Tutsis perpetrated over the decades; thanks to a foreign ideology imported into the country.


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