6000 Genocide Victims’s Remains Moved to Nyanza

Posted: April 18, 2011 in News
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Frank Kanyesigye–17 April 2011

Nyanza — The remains of 6000 victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi were, yesterday, accorded a decent burial at Nyanza Memorial Centre in Kicukiro District.

5,771 victims were exhumed from Nyarugunga memorial site which was in poor condition; the other 229 were recovered from various locations in the district.

Nyanza memorial now houses 11,000 victims.

Addressing the mourners, Senate president, Dr. Vincent Biruta, told the mourners that remembering the Genocide is a time to look back at the country’s bad history and the impact left behind by the Genocide.

“Apart from remembering victims of the Genocide, we should all jointly support survivors to remain strong in these difficult times,” he said.

He added that the country has done a lot to help the Genocide survivors to recover.

“We should continue honouring our people who lost their lives as we build our country so that we completely defeat the perpetrators,” he said.

Biruta strongly urged those present to fight against the Genocide ideology, while promoting unity and reconciliation.

Jules Ndamage, the Mayor of Kicukiro, said that the remains of the victims were reburied at Nyanza memorial because Nyarugunga site was not in proper condition.

“The site didn’t have enough security, and it was not preserving the dignity of the Genocide remains,” he noted.

He called upon Rwandans to share each other’s burden by supporting and encouraging those who lost their families during the genocide to remain strong and have hope for a bright future.

Ndamage reminded the mourners to continue upholding the truth and preserving their dignity, a message echoing this year’s commemoration theme, so as to have a better and prosperous country.

Claire Gatayire, the 2nd Vice President of IBUKA, said that despite the years that have passed, memories are still fresh in the minds of the Genocide survivors.

“We should always remember our people, but this should not stop us from continuing to rebuild ourselves and the country,” she said.

She called for the protection and support of the survivors during the commemoration period.

Jean Baptist Sakindi, 41, a Genocide survivor, gave a moving testimony that saw many people shading tears.

He narrated how he narrowly survived being killed during the Genocide after his family had been brutally killed by Hutu extremists.

“It is heartening to see our beloved ones laid to rest in a decent manner,” he said while wiping away tears.

Sakindi thanked the Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA), now known as Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF), for rescuing many survivors from the jaws of death by giving the photo of his two little children to Brigadier General Augustin Turagara as a sign of appreciation.

Thousands of mourners including top government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, among others, attended the event.

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