“Rwanda Briefing” – Debunked

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Genocide Denial
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By Willis Shalita

In a spirit of fairness, I have been reading and re-reading this document (Rwanda Briefing), in an attempt to give its authors a fair shake. Alas! Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. Here goes:

This document is neither a policy paper, nor an academic assessment of the state of affairs in Rwanda. It is mainly an absurd regurgitation of other peoples’ thoughts, a personal vendetta if you will, against the person of President Kagame: why, otherwise, in 51 pages do they mention the name Kagame 144 times? Or do they see Kagame’s shadow everywhere they go? Get over it, guys.

Check out these claims:

1. Rwanda is in crisis (p. 2): contrary to what the rest of the world thinks.

2.” Majority of the people consider the government illegitimate” (p. 2) (Never mind that Kagame won by 93% vote.)

3. “Rwanda is far less free now than it was prior to the genocide.”(p. 7) (How come the Gang of 4 never went home then, but chose to remain refugees?)

4.” Lack of judicial independence” (page (Rudasingwa was acquitted of embezzlement charges, and Bishop Misago was acquitted of genocide charges.) Hello!!!

5. “The externally-based unarmed opposition calls for dialogue …” (p. 17) (This is the FDLR that the Gang of Four are in league with. We know!

6. “An atmosphere of palpable fear (far exceeding the worst that was experienced even during the notorious dictatorship of President Idi Amin of Uganda, where many Rwandans had sought asylum has enveloped the country.” (p. 18) No shame, really!

7. “He silences voices in the international community (especially leaders of western governments) by invoking their failures over the 1994 genocide. (p. 19) I nominate the man for a Nobel Peace prize!

8. “RWANDA IS LESS FREE TODAY THAN IT WAS PRIOR TO GENOCIDE.” (p. 21) For the sake of decency this deserves no comment.

9. “Kagame’s  predecessor, President Kayibanda, lived an even simpler life and may have died a pauper.” (p. 25) And the point is??!!

10. “This second invasion of the DRC was a disastrous gamble that led to the death of millions of innocent people …” (p. 32) So, we should have closed our eyes to INTERAHAMWE?

11. “The likelihood of a recurrence of violent conflict, including even the possibility of genocide, is very high.” (p. 36) Aren’t two genocides way too many, guys?

12. “… a Hutu insurgency could, in turn, conceivably lead to the genocide of the remaining Tutsi population of Rwanda.” (p. 37) What do they know that we don’t? Or are they predicting?!!!!


Source: http://willisshalita.wordpress.com/2011/03/10/rwanda-briefing-debunked/


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