Lessons for Kayumba and gang

Posted: March 11, 2011 in News
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By Maj. Gen Jerome Ngendahimana– Friday, March 11, 2011

When I left FDLR in DRC and came back into Rwanda late in 2003, I remember when Kayumba (then Head of National Security Service- NSS) invited me along with Maj Gen Rwarakabije to his home in Rugando Cell, Kimihurura Sector.

He was with Karegeya then in charge of External Intelligence. During our discussions Kayumba and Karegeya expressed their congratulations to us for having made a good, wise and courageous decision in returning into our country.

Today Kayumba has fled his country and is collaborating with FDLR. He is defending the dying outfit through different media. He is blaming the leadership of Rwanda for having welcomed us and still welcoming and reintegrating in Rwandan society everyone who decides stop continuing serving in FDLR or other retrograde armed groups like RUD-Urunana, Gaheza and other Soki groups.

Besides this nonsense, he is not ashamed of asserting that His Excellency Paul Kagame is responsible for grenade blasts occurred these last days in Kigali and appeals to Rwandans to renew with violence quickly forgetting the 1994 genocide he fought against.

I would like to remind Kayumba and his followers only these three following points:

1. You shouldn’t take Rwandans for a ride. They know well who cares for them and serves their interests. Rwandan people are mature enough and know what today matters for their future. It is neither sectarian violence, neither heinous speeches but Unity, Reconciliation, Justice, Education, Home improvement, Development and Dignity.

2.  You are pleased to repeat in your dividing speeches that I’m an FDLR. I wish to let you know that I am no longer FDLR and I shall no more be FDLR. Who is FDLR but him who collaborates with them? I’m proud to have joined the train of Unity, Reconciliation and Development contrary to those who have abandoned it due to their personal selfish interests or fearing responding to their criminal acts.

3.  Rwanda Unity and Reconciliation Policy is totally inclusive. If anyone was led astray for one or another reason but finally decides to come back to the right side to serve Rwandan people’s interests, he is welcomed by Rwanda Government and Rwandan people, reintegrated and even helped to achieve this noble mission.

I invite you as well as well as your followers to be courageous and make the right decision as you told me that day when I was in your home in 2003.

The Author is the Deputy Reserve Force Chief of Staff


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