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By RNA Reporters November 15, 2010

The loose coalition of troubled opposition parties is again under threat after the Green Party was ordered to live the block by the African Green Federation (AGF) – a coalition of green parties in the continent.

The Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties in Rwanda (PCC) was formed earlier this year by FDU Inkingi, Green Party and a faction of PS Imberakuri. Among these, only PS Imberakuri is registered.

With the exception of the Green Party leader Frank Habineza, the other two leaders Victoire Ingabire and Bernard Ntaganda, are now in preventive custody over charges ranging from terrorism, Genocide ideology and ethnic divisionism.

Now the African Green Federation, which elected Frank Habineza in July as its President wants the Green Party of Rwanda to leave the opposition coalition immediately, or they break all cooperation.

High profile leaders within the African Green Federation including the Secretary General Prof. Dr. Papa Meisa Dieng (Senegal) say the other two opposition parties are only causing problems for the Rwanda Green Party.

“By Frank Habineza’s continued involvement in the tainted PCC, he is criminalizing not only the [Green Party] and its members including him, but also the African Greens Federation in which he is President and therefore sucking the [Federation] and its members into the criminal allegations against the other PCC members, by proxy and as accomplices, which is detrimental image and profile…” reads a letter from the Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU).

“Frank, who is the AfGF president is gradually being sucked into the terrorism allegations against [Victoire] Ingabire, as an accomplice and consequently the greens and should opt out,” adds the letter.

However, the order to leave the opposition coalition is more straightforward by Prof. Dr. Papa Meisa Dieng. Habineza must abandon Ingabire and Ntaganda, or the other Green parties leave the federation.

“On behalf of my position as Secretary General of AGF, after a careful analyze of the situation describe by Charles Lwanga Bbaale, and support his invitation, I officially ask Sir Frank Habineza to opt out of PCC or we suspend our membership in the African greens federation to which he is the president,” wrote Meisa Dieng.

Habineza himself has spent months in Europe leaving the other coalition partners to battle out their troubles.

Ntaganda has been on court-ordered preventive custody since last month awaiting trial on terrorism, holding illegal gathering, ethnic politics and Genocide ideology. Ingabire for her part was also put behind bars on Friday last week as she waits for her trial to start on terrorism and Genocide ideology.

It is not the first time the opposition coalition was in disarray. In June, Frank Habineza abruptly announced he was removing his Green Party from the coalition after damning information surfaced suggesting Ingabire had a rebel army. Habineza claimed they did not want to associate with any forceful resolution to the political impasse in the country.

Ingabire fired back branding Habineza as “lacking political maturity”. Barely two days later, Habineza was back in the troubled block – arguing the information on alleged rebel activity, was not credible.

Habineza was not available to comment on the latest ultimatum from his continental colleagues to leave Ingabire and Ntaganda.

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