Rwanda: France Turns Shame Into Terror

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Genocide Denial
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Stephen Rwembeho–The New Times 18 November 2008

Kigali — In 1994, unknown people brought down President Juvenal Habyalimana’s plane killing him instantly. He was returning from Arusha after signing a peace agreement between his government and the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF).

Until today, the circumstances surrounding the plane-crash still remain obscure. What could have revealed the truth about the cause of the crash, according to experts, is the ‘BLACKBOX’.

However, nobody can trace the whereabouts of the voice recorder. There is no doubt that the gadget was hidden by the first person(s) to arrive at the scene of the crash. These were none other than Habyarimana’s Presidential Guards, popularly known as GP and their allies.

They are highly suspected because they were in charge of the aerodrome security. Nonetheless, the plane crash was only a climax to start the long planned Tutsi Genocide. Genocide deniers seek to use the plane crash to explain the systematic killing of Tutsis in Rwanda.

As the genocide went on, the Rwanda Patriotic Front/ Army moved fast and toppled the murderous regime, hence stopping the genocide.

The French however, who were the prime supporters of the regime, created a safe haven for the fleeing genocidaires, in what it called Zone Turquoise.

What they did in the zone is on record, and was recently echoed by the Mucyo report on the role of France in the genocide.

The Jean de Dieu Mucyo report released recently comes after the ministry of justice, commissioned an inquiry into the role of the French in the Tutsi Genocide. The shame of participating in the genocide soured relations between the France and Rwanda.

The arrest of Rose Kabuye by the German police therefore, is part of the relentless efforts by the French government to sabotage and terrorise the Rwandan government and its people.

Since France was implicated in the 1994 Tutsi Genocide, it has lived with great shame, which unfortunately is turning into terror.

It is doing everything to sabotage the government that stopped the genocide and consequently protect the people who were behind human destruction.

This is a great shame for a country that claims to be developed in all spheres; that is: democratically, economically, militarily, etcetera.

When the so-called Jean Luis Bruguière indictments were released and the government of Rwanda ultimately severed relationships with France, legislators in France convened an adhoc-closed door meeting. It was a top secret meeting meant for the few in leadership- no outsider can tell what they discussed.

The new development however could be beginning to show us the ‘signs’ of the secrets, with the arrest of innocent Rose Kabuye being one of them.

France is a safe haven for the top most planners of the 1994 Genocide, including Agathe Kanzinga Habyalimana, who is accused of masterminding numerous crimes against humanity. She actually, appears on the first list of Genocidaires wanted by the Rwandan judiciary.

The Mucyo report ‘worked’ so much on the French government, because it implicates individuals and groups who were directly and directly involved, in the plans to exterminate the Tutsi.

The report named 33 senior French military and political figures that it said, ‘should be prosecuted’. Among those named in the report, were former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and late President François Mitterrand.

It is against this background that I view Kabuye’s arrest as motivated by shame that was unravelled the role of the French in the 1994 Genocide. And it is France’s a long plan to discredit the government of Rwanda and undermine all its efforts to heal the nation.


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