Who is Victoire Ingabire?

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Genocide Denial
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By Tom Ndahiro

True, Ingabire is a biological parent to kids. Equally true, she stands as custodian of Hutu extremism and leader of hardcore genocidaires worldwide.

The story of Victoire Ingabire does not begin in January 2010 when she landed in Kigali, accompanied by her deputy who has since confessed to genocide and is serving a 17-year sentence. Victoire Ingabire’s story begins in the refugee camps of Mugunga, in what is now Eastern DRC.

Membership of RDR in The Hague
Victoire Ingabire’s official narrative says that in August 2000 she was elected president of the Rally for the Return of Refugees and Democracy in Rwanda (RDR), now known as the Republican Rally for Democracy in Rwanda, with its office in The Hague. What her resume doesn’t point out is that RDR was actually born in April 1995 in Mugunga Camp in Eastern DRC.

In January 2010 Ms Ingabire was reminded by the interviewer on a BBC Kinyarwanda language show “Imvo n’Imvano” that she was a member of an organization called the RDR created by “extremist Hutu” in the former Zaire. She denied it and instead said she was from a non-existent “Rally for Democracy in Rwanda.”

The original RDR that Ms Ingabire prefers to shun merged with other Hutu extremist ideologues to form United Democratic Forces (FDU-Inkingi). Although Victoire Ingabire portrays herself as an opposition politician, the Party she currently heads has genocide denial and genocide ideology as its founding doctrine.

Schooled by masterminds
The genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, and massacres targeting moderate Hutu leadership in 1994, was not a spontaneous action. It was a concerted plan to create a new Rwanda permanently cleansed of Tutsis. It was systematically envisioned, planned and directed, by individuals who tirelessly labored to provide its intellectual rationale.

The founders of the RDR have always maintained that “there is no evidence of the preparation of the genocide on the part of the Rwandan people and their leaders.” Rather, they emphasize—“it is true that massacres occurred and that the RPF must mainly be held responsible for the tragedy that befell Rwanda.”

Victoire Ingabire was schooled by these brains behind the genocide, the masterminds that fine-tuned the propaganda which justified and rationalized the slaughter, and provided training and logistics to the Tutsi extermination enterprise.

Among them were politicians at the national and provincial level, mayors, military officers, academicians, journalists and church leaders who facilitated the cataclysm even though some did not conceive of the genocide. They are implicated even though they never killed or even directly ordered anyone to kill.

It is this very group that herded millions of ordinary Hutu citizens to refugee camps across the border to the DRC, and kept them as hostages for over two years and where the RDR provided political guidance to invigorate Hutu extremism.

Control over civilian population
In May 1995, Human Rights Watch published a report titled: “Rearming with Impunity: International Support for the Perpetrators of the Rwandan Genocide” which gave a lengthy account of arms flow to genocidaires, and described that part of the DRC as a bastion of “the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide” who had “regrouped, rebuilt their military infrastructure, and succeeded in asserting their control over the civilian population in most of the camps during the last year.”

HRW affirmed: “Acting with impunity, these forces rule over the refugee population through intimidation and terror, effectively preventing the return of refugees to their homes in Rwanda, while inducting fresh recruits into the former Rwandan Armed Forces (FAR) and militias. Emboldened by military assistance, including arms, from France and Zaire, among other countries, they have openly declared their intent to return to Rwanda and, in the words of one ex-FAR commander, Col. Musonera, “kill all Tutsi who prevent us from returning.””

In 1946, the General Assembly of the United Nations passed the following resolution: “Genocide is the denial of the right to existence of entire human groups, as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings; such denial of the right of existence shocks the conscience of mankind… Affirms that genocide is a crime under international law which the civilized world condemns, and for the commission of which principals and accomplices—whether private individuals, public officials or statesmen, and whether the crime is committed on religious, racial, political or any other grounds—are punishable.”

If Victoire Ingabire had been in Europe as a “politician” and were speaking of the Holocaust, the authorities of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, all countries with laws against denial would arrest and charge her. If there was evidence linking her to terrorist activity – she would be paraded on our TV screens as a threat to world peace. So, why Rwanda should be expected to hold itself to lower standards of memory and security?

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